Memory Lane

Here is a collection of documents that chart some of the history of Seacroft Village:

History of Seacroft

Memories of Seacroft as a village

School Days at Seacroft Grange – Eric Hives

More Seacroft Grange – Eric Hives

Tales of old Seacroft – R.J. Shoesmith-Taylor-Marshall

3 Responses to Memory Lane

  1. Ann Wilkinson says:

    I would like to contact someone ref R J Shoesmith-taylor-Marshall story which I loved but your contact details do not work. My computer tells me that your default email is not properly loaded.
    How can I contact you?

    • yourfriendtimjones says:

      Hi Ann, thanks for your message, sorry you struggled to get in touch but everything seems to be working fine. We’ve now made contact with you direct. Really glad you liked the story.

  2. Can enibody remember the astles they lived at the top of north parkway I used to go out with the youngest daughter pauleen and I often wonder what happened to them I have fond memories of those days. Late fifty’s early sixty’s long time ago??

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